Jerrod Prevost

182886_409590145749622_1167390840_nJerrod got his first guitar, a sunburst Fender Strat, when he was 12. He got serious about playing a few years later when he was really getting into metal. His influences were typical of a ton of kids then such as Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Slayer, Alice in Chains and Led Zeppelin. In college he majored in classical guitar performance still keeping his love of metal though. After school, he performed in a classical/jazz guitar duo for a while. He then joined his first band, Patchwork Down, with Harrison. They had an eclectic style ranging from jammy to acoustic to metal. After enjoying a good run in Patchwork Down Jerrod was out of the scene for a while starting a family and career. He came back with a power trio that played orignals and covers called Thudknuckle. Then one day he ran into Harrison and mentioned he wanted to do a heavy project and thus was born, Ire Clad.

"But we are hoping to revive THIS area's metal following to a new level, a new age... an Ire Age!" Jim Catalano - Ithaca Journal