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For the past couple of years, Ire Clad has been giving the regional heavy rock scene a major kick in the butt. Led by towering singer-guitarist Harrison Rumsey, the band has built a reputation for its crushing riffs and powerhouse vocals.

Now Ire Clad has just completed its second album, titled “God of War,” and will play a CD release show Saturday night at the Haunt.

The band, which also includes drummer Pete Schlough, guitarist Jerrod Prevost and bassist Eric Rodriguez, has evolved since its beginnings a few years ago. “We now all contribute more to writing the songs, in general,” Rumsey said. “The songs have become more complex and eclectic, but we seem to be able to bang them out quicker.”

“Typically, Jerrod brings an arsenal of riffs to the table and we construct them into complete songs where everyone has a hand in their shaping,” he added. While Rumsey usually writes all the melody lines for the vocals, he and Prevost collaborated on lyrics for a number of songs on this album; Schlough also contributed lyrical concepts for a few songs, and he suggested solutions to structural and arrangement challenges.

There are a few themes running throughout the album: war, death and destruction, with a few mythological concepts thrown in for good measure. “The album is book-ended with ‘God of War’ and ‘Brothers in Arms,’ another song about war, but more specifically modern ‘sanitized’ warfare,” Rumsey noted.

The band is looking forward to continuing to add to its string of memorable gigs, including the Finger Lakes Metal Fest, big Halloween shows at the Eagle Hotel in Lodi and recently sharing the stage with the Anvil at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse

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Ruination, a Binghamton hardcore band, and Age of Shadows, a Rochester power-metal band, will round out the bill for Saturday’s show, which kicks off at 9 p.m. and has a cover charge.

Jim Catalano
Ithaca Journal

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