Recording a new album

So, we started getting prepared for our next DIY album. Taking some time off from playing shows this winter to get it done. We practice in a room off of Harrison’s garage and had to clean it out as well as a good portion of his garage. We decided to put our guitar and bass cabs in the garage and run cables to them from our amps in our practice room. Enclosed them with sound panels and mattresses. Since we had to clear everything out we took the time to finally put up insulation board on walls and ceiling. This should make it a lot toastier in the winter. We’ll also be putting up foam to cut down on the sound bouncing all over. Got the drum room set up too. Just need to get the recording computer and equipment set up and run cables. Then we’ll be able to start checking mics and setting levels. The first goal is to get the drums done. We all play along with Pete though and if any of us get a good take as well then that’s all the better. Having gone through the process before we’re hoping it will take less time. Hopefully by summer or fall we can have the finished product. We still need to write two or three more songs too. We have plenty of riffs it’s just putting them together and writing lyrics that’s going to take some time. Our song writing process has definitely become streamlined as well so it shouldn’t take too long. Recording can be trying but enjoyable at the same time. Here’s to another killer Ire Clad album!

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