Rob Reis


11781696_876753079080892_7556112942271454139_n Rob discovered drums very early in life and remembers wanting to play as early as around 3 or 4 years old. Like a lot of kids, he started by banging on pots and pans and crashing pan lids together. He remembers liking the Doobie Brothers and Chicago, early on. In 5th grade, Rob started taking percussion lessons beginning with the glockenspiel. During his 2 years with marching band he became intrigued with the tympani and xylophone and by the age of 17 had his first drum kit- a Ludwig that he traded for a Tandy computer. It was on this kit that he started jamming to Black Sabbath, Sly and the Family Stone and Credence Clearwater Revival.
Rob continued to play into his early 20’s when a car accident took him out of the game for a while. Eventually, as his recovery progressed, he got inspired by local band, Bone Jar and the music they were making early in the new millennium. He joined glam metal bands Lost Dayz and eventually Moe Grass in the latter half of the first decade. Now in continuing with the journey of heavy and melodic, yet synchopated thrusts of energy, Rob’s drumming with Ire Clad will feed the masses with acceleration squared.

“Ire Clad, “Empowher.” Named one of the best local songs for 2012!” Jim Catalano - Ithaca Journal